The Most Popular Sexual Fetishes Worth Exploring

popular sexual fetishes

A sexual fetish is a sexual desire, or preference, that exists outside the realms of normal sex. It’s more than just a turn-on. Whereas a turn-on maybe someone lightly kissing your chest, a sexual fetish is someone clawing it. I guess that’s the easiest way to illustrate the difference. A fetish, or kink, is more active, more defined, and bolder.

Most people desire some sort of sexual fetish. But also, many of those people keep their fetishes to themselves, not even telling their husbands or wives.

But those who do choose to explore sexual fetishes sometimes end up in the world of BDSM dating. Not always, and not mostly, but definitely sometimes.

Let’s look at some of the most popular sexual fetishes.

Someone you know, or are in a sexual relationship with right now, most likely desires one or more of these fetishes. Just remember, consent is the key. A good idea would be to send this list of sexual fetishes to your partner and start a conversation. Communication is central to having fun with sexual fetishes and kinks.


Spanking is the most popular sexual fetish in the world. Spanking is the most mainstream fetish around. And that’s just by way of the people who admit they enjoy partaking in spanking. There’s likely a whole slew of folks who won’t admit it outloud.

Whether it is being spanked, or delivering the spanks, spanking’s popularity as a fetish is undeniable. Even Hollywood movies and shows often feature the once-taboo sexual act.

For some, spanking is a gateway to a more aggressive BDSM dating relationship. For others, it’s the end game. But in either case, spanking tends to elevate in agression. Both parties, the giver and the receiver, begin to desire more intense spanking experiences. Harder spanks, more devices such as belts and paddles, and more frequency.


Role-playing helps couples explore kinks and fetishes using fantasy. And fantasy remains at the heart of BDSM, or any sexual fetish or kink.

In role-playing we find a deep exploration of kinks either in groups or singularly. Role-playing helps couples discover what kinks each other is into.

Role-playing also instigates dressing up in costumes. It’s a healthy complement to spanking and all types of fetishes. Role-playing inspires sexual imagination.

Anal Sex

Anal sex is far from traditional sexual kink. It’s a full-on fetish. In fact, anal sex dating is a big deal nowadays just like other fetishes, such as BDSM.

For women, anal sex offers another level of orgasmic pleasure. For men, it’s a tighter fit that also complements their dominant primal yearnings. Anal sex can play out in BDSM as a punishment for a disobedient girl.

Anal sex is as popular as ever today. It’s one of the most popular sexual fetishes and kinks there is. And this is mostly because women like anal sex. Often, the obstacle for anal sex fun is men who just aren’t that into it.

Foot Fetishes

Foot fetishes used to seem like that of a weird sexual kink. Well, I have breaking news, they still seem that way to most people. Foot fetishes are not ultra-popular sexual fetishes, but they do garner attention. Particularly when we consider how many guys probably don’t admit they have a kink for feet.

It’s less typical that we find a foot fetish in women, but not outright impossible. It does happen. There is an innocence to a guy with a foot fetish that often softens a girl up. It’s not as if he’s into a harder kink such as bondage. The girl may find it weird, but it’s pretty harmless to have your toes sucked on.


You’re probably shocked to see handjobs on this list. But take a breath, because they totally belong in the popular kinks and fetishes list.

Yes, sometimes girls give handjobs because they don’t want to give a blowjob, or have sex, or are just feeling lazy. In such ways, the handjob is hardly a kink.

But here’s the thing, some guys and some girls are fascinated with handjobs. In fact, there’s an entire dating world that’s purely handjob focused.

Handjob popularity is rising, some of that due to STD prevention, but some of it because handjobs offer a substantial amount of orgasmic control that tends to cater to BDSM fetishes in general. Even mainstream websites are now reporting on the fascination with handjobs.

Handjobs can be prefered over blowjobs by guys more often than people think. Handjobs allow kissing, erotic talk, and female empowerment. Also, explosive cum action. You can use lotion or gloves. There are infamous public handjobs. Handjob scenarios and possibilities are endless.

Group Sex & Swinging

Hey, if sex is great with one partner, shouldn’t it stand to reason it would be even better with more than one?

Enter group sex, a taboo fetish that’s popular, but not spoken of in public spaces all too often. That’s because while many enjoy group sex, its not an easily digestible fetish by the mainstream crowd.

Group sex means exactly as it’s named, you have sex in a group. You probably bring a long-term partner along so there is some aspect of flat out swinging.


A centerpiece of BDSM, bondage can also be performed lightly, more gracefully, in mainstream sexual circles.

Bondage can be as simple as fluffy handcuffs that a couple uses for their kinky Valentine’s day romance. Or, more intense by way of BDSM restraints in a dungeon-like environment.

Bondage centers around the trust of sexual partners. Without trust, partners should avoid bondage play.


Ever had a desire for someone else, or even a group of people, to watch you have sex? Has your partner ever said, “the blinds are open” during sex, only to have you responds with, “who cares?”

You may dig the sexual fetish of voyerurism. That’s OK, don’t feel bad, voyerism is as hot as it is narcissistic. And lots of couples enjoy this semi-taboo fetish.

Sexual fetishes and kinks are pervasive in our culture. Some are more accepted than others, but all of the ones we listed are popular nonetheless. Some are gateways into BDSM while others are just some light sexual kink fun.

All the same, communication with fetishes is the key to fun and safety. It’s quite healthy to explore kinks, so send your partner this article today and stimulate a deeper sexual fetish conversation. It might change your life.