Sissification: Everything To Know About The Feminization Of Men

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If you believe Old Spice and Ford truck commercials, you’ll have a difficult time with one of the most explored BDSM plays, sissification. Sissification allows a man to experience his own feminization. Of course, the old school man may be shivering in his shoes at the mere idea of sissification as a topic. That said, many men just aren’t open about it.

But times, they are a changing. More men are straying from what some label as toxic masculinity in exchange for a pursuit of their real inner desires. For women, it’s not big deal to explore femdom fun. But for men, being a subject of domination sometimes comes with social ousting.

The idea of a man exploring his submissive side through sissification continues to gain steam. The feminization of man as sexual pleasure is here. Lets look deeper into things.

What Is Sissification?

Above, I made mention of submissive style BDSM. Sissification categorically fits such mold, but it’s not entirely the same. In sissification, the dominant woman forces the submissive man into a realm of hyper-femininity.

Often, the femdom uses the term “sissy” to call upon her submissive. Cross dressing is a huge part in sissification. This often includes makeup, panties, lingerie, and heels. Sissification is the entire female accessory arsenal at play. Heck, even shaving legs, or laser hair removal, plays a role.

Further more, the femdom may require the sissy to perform archaicly deemed female tasks, such as doing dishes and laundry. Of course, that’s not the modern perspective on a woman, but in sissification, it’s a throwback to old mentalities.

At the core level, all of a man’s masculine attributes must burn. He needs such to get his rocks off. His femdom desires it to get her rocks off (unless she’s a paid BDSM femdom, of course, then who knows).

Sissification is one of the most requested sexual acts by men using prostitutes, according to a 2018 Huffington Post article.

Sissification and Transgender

Sissification and transgender aren’t the same. But they are often confused by men who don’t understand the nuances and stark differences. In sissification, becoming female is the option you take at the instruction of a dominant.

In sissification, masculinity collapses. That’s the point. Its a consensual desecration of what the man holds dearest to his soul. The man isn’t under the guise that he’s transforming his gender. He will, eventually, return to original man form. He’s accepting the exchange of power because, well, it gets him off.

Now, there are extreme cases whereas a man takes hormone injections or even applies for sexual reassignment. This is far from the standard and only serves to confuse the greater idea.

The Female Persona Is Also Dis-empowered In Sissification

sissification femdom bdsmBDSM is ripe with quandaries and hypocrisy. In many ways, that’s the point of it. It challenges you mentally and physically.

Alas, when it comes to sissification, the female persona does not get off unscathed.

What’s both absurd and hypocritical about sissification is that the female dominates a man by forcing him to role play an antiquated, offensive version of a female. So in a way, the dominant female promotes an idea of a woman that’s now considered outdated and in some cases, humiliating.

But its the ingrained illogicality that’s the lure. The deeply contrasted experience that contradicts itself is a tight-wire hovering above sexual flames. Like all things BDSM, sissification challenges your thoughts about your sexuality, love, and nature.

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