How To Know If A Dominant Is Authentic

No matter where you go for BDSM dating, disingenuous dominants find their way into your life. This is particularly true when you are new. Some fake dominants don’t even know they’re fake, they just hold such little understanding of BDSM dating that the experience feels authentic.

But a fake BDSM dominant can ruin a new submissive’s initial experiences. Fake BDSM dominants tend to taint experiences for BDSM newbies to a point that those newbies flee the scene.

We don’t want that happening. 

So we’ve created a guide to spotting fake dominants. I list all the traits you need to know to better your overall BDSM dating experience.

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The Most Popular Sexual Fetishes Worth Exploring

A sexual fetish is a sexual desire, or preference, that exists outside the realms of normal sex. It’s more than just a turn-on. Whereas a turn-on maybe someone lightly kissing your chest, a sexual fetish is someone clawing it. I guess that’s the easiest way to illustrate the difference. A fetish, or kink, is more active, more defined, and bolder.

Most people desire some sort of sexual fetish. But also, many of those people keep their fetishes to themselves, not even telling their husbands or wives.

But those who do choose to explore sexual fetishes sometimes end up in the world of BDSM dating. Not always, and not mostly, but definitely sometimes.

Let’s look at some of the most popular sexual fetishes.

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Beginner BDSM Tips: How Not To Ruin Your First Experience

When you’re new to the BDSM community, it’s easy to get intimidated. In fact, it’s completely normal. Just because your BDSM fantasies haunt your every free second, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel the butterflies in your stomach when the moment of action arises.

This is why it’s always imperative to have a BDSM beginner’s plan. Hence, read our BDSM beginner’s tips and put yourself at ease for your first conquest.

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Essential BDSM Tips For New Dominants

We often consider the idea of submitting yourself to a dominant as one of the most complicated, difficult endeavors in BDSM. And it’s true, serving a dominant certainly brings the struggle hard and fast. But what about becoming a dominant?

In BDSM, becoming a dominant is easier said than done. For many that swing (enjoy both submissive and dominant play), their first months becoming dominant were more difficult than their first months submitting themselves.

In BDSM, the dominant play roles confuse and confound in unexpected ways.

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How To Send Your First Message To a Potential Mistress

You’re probably on the verge of sending your first message to mistress. That’s the obvious point in using BDSM Dating, right? You might be experiencing anxiety over the matter. That’s completely natural. Sending your first message to a potential mistress is unlike any other dating site message you’ve ever sent.

Not only do you not want to lose the opportunity to submit to a femdom you’ve taken an admiration for, but that same submissive need holds you back from approaching her in any capacity.

Again, that’s all-natural.

Let’s examine the best initial approaches to a mistress & femdom.

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Predicament Bondage – A Complex, Psychological BDSM Dating Kink

If you’re new to BDSM dating, you probably feel a tinge overwhelmed – if not a lot overwhelmed. The BDSM dating world is a vast new world of fun sexual exploration. It’s mind-bending, to say the least. One of the most complex BDSM dating kink plays is called Predicament Bondage.

Predicament Bondage tortures the submissive both physically and mentally. But it’s an often misunderstood tool in the BDSM chest.

Today, I seek to convey a better understanding of the fascinating world of predicament bondage.

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