Essential BDSM Tips For New Dominants

We often consider the idea of submitting yourself to a dominant as one of the most complicated, difficult endeavors in BDSM. And it’s true, serving a dominant certainly brings the struggle hard and fast. But what about becoming a dominant?

In BDSM, becoming a dominant is easier said than done. For many that swing (enjoy both submissive and dominant play), their first months becoming dominant were more difficult than their first months submitting themselves.

In BDSM, the dominant play roles confuse and confound in unexpected ways.

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How To Send Your First Message To a Potential Mistress

You’re probably on the verge of sending your first message to mistress. That’s the obvious point in using BDSM Dating, right? You might be experiencing anxiety over the matter. That’s completely natural. Sending your first message to a potential mistress is unlike any other dating site message you’ve ever sent.

Not only do you not want to lose the opportunity to submit to a femdom you’ve taken an admiration for, but that same submissive need holds you back from approaching her in any capacity.

Again, that’s all-natural.

Let’s examine the best initial approaches to a mistress & femdom.

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Predicament Bondage – A Complex, Psychological BDSM Dating Kink

If you’re new to BDSM dating, you probably feel a tinge overwhelmed – if not a lot overwhelmed. The BDSM dating world is a vast new world of fun sexual exploration. It’s mind-bending, to say the least. One of the most complex BDSM dating kink plays is called Predicament Bondage.

Predicament Bondage tortures the submissive both physically and mentally. But it’s an often misunderstood tool in the BDSM chest.

Today, I seek to convey a better understanding of the fascinating world of predicament bondage.

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BDSM Spanking: An Erotic Spanking Guide For Submissives, Dominants

Some call it BDSM spanking, others erotic spanking. How you refer to it depends entirely on your needs and situation. Erotic spanking is part of the BDSM world, though sometimes this spawns confusion (we will break that down). BDSM spanking is a formal punishment geared towards a submissive or slave.

Let’s learn best practices for BDSM spanking and Erotic spanking.

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How To Be a Submissive When You Are New To BDSM

What is a submissive and how to become a good submissive are two of our top questions from new BDSM dating members. Here are the answers.

Many people who join Free BDSM Dating do so with the intent to become a submissive. They’ve spent years masturbating to fantasies of women spanking them, but over time, their thoughts became more complex and lewd and sometimes, dark.

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6 Powerful Femdom BDSM Punishment Ideas To Enslave Your Sub

If your new to the world of BDSM dating and you’re a femdom, you may be ready to come out of your proverbial mainstream sexual shell.

If that time is now, boy do I have some good BDSM punishment ideas for you.

You’re going to need to add in a full arsenal for any male submissive you date. In order to do that, you should master all the core femdom punishments. These 6 powerful femdom punishments will make sure that any male submissive respects your authority. That’s what it is all about, right? Why else would you be on a BDSM dating site like ours?

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BDSM Dating Tips: What Subs and Dominants Must Know

That first BDSM dating experience can be rough waters. You don’t know her on “that” level yet. You probably only know that she’s supposedly into the same things you are. That’s because you met her on Free BDSM dating. So yeah, it makes sense she’d be down for being a submissive.

But that’s the extent. There is only so much information you can divulge from a week’s worth of communications. When the time for the first BDSM date comes, will you be ready?


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BDSM Dating Sites: How To Find a Perfect Submissive

BDSM dating sites, such as Free BDSM Dating, have ushered in a new day for fetish seekers. If you are already a member, then you know how much easier it is to find a BDSM partner on a site focused on your needs. If you are trying BDSM Dating sites beyond ours, we’re sad, but we still hope you read this article. Because in the end, we are all one big community. Even if you are using our competition, we hope you find pleasure and pain wherever you belong.

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