The Benefits of BDSM Explained

The way BDSM is portrayed in mainstream culture, you’d have a difficult time convincing many people that BDSM is good for them. But the fact is, in a healthy, safe environment, BDSM can help people overcome traumas and live a healthier life. Take the recent news that TV star Annalynne McCord partook in BDSM with her ex-boyfriend to help her overcome past sexual traumas.

BDSM has a number of healthy benefits.

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New Survey: Over 60% of BDSM Participants Have Cheated on Partners

Talking about BDSM with a committed partner probably feels awkward and embarrassing to most people. While BDSM desires and fantasies are typical, talking about them out loud remains a taboo subject.

And that’s just one reason why people tend to cheat on significant others with a BDSM partner.

So why is BDSM cheating so rampant?

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How To Find Your BDSM Fantasy Partner

Finding the right partner in BDSM dating is critical. Not to marginalize traditional dating, but BDSM is not an area you want mishaps or miscommunications. Finding the right BDSM synergy and connection is essential in exploring your darker sexual side. And by “darker,” we of course mean, “exciting and fun.” Its the key to discovering a real BDSM fantasy.

So how does one find the right BDSM partner?

Let’s explore.

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7 Essential BDSM Facts All Newbies Need To Know

BDSM is more popular than ever. One of the major drivers of that popularity is the success of the hit film, Fifty Shades of Grey. Mostly, the BDSM community frowns upon that movie, but that doesn’t make it any less influential.

Unfortunately, that influence has led to a lot of confusion about what BDSM really is.

So allow us to clear some of that up.

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Sissification: Everything To Know About The Feminization Of Men

If you believe Old Spice and Ford truck commercials, you’ll have a difficult time with one of the most explored BDSM plays, sissification. Sissification allows a man to experience his own feminization. Of course, the old school man may be shivering in his shoes at the mere idea of sissification as a topic. That said, many men just aren’t open about it.

But times, they are a changing. More men are straying from what some label as toxic masculinity in exchange for a pursuit of their real inner desires. For women, it’s not big deal to explore femdom fun. But for men, being a subject of domination sometimes comes with social ousting.

The idea of a man exploring his submissive side through sissification continues to gain steam. The feminization of man as sexual pleasure is here. Lets look deeper into things.

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How To Know If A Dominant Is Authentic

No matter where you go for BDSM dating, disingenuous dominants find their way into your life. This is particularly true when you are new. Some fake dominants don’t even know they’re fake, they just hold such little understanding of BDSM dating that the experience feels authentic.

But a fake BDSM dominant can ruin a new submissive’s initial experiences. Fake BDSM dominants tend to taint experiences for BDSM newbies to a point that those newbies flee the scene.

We don’t want that happening. 

So we’ve created a guide to spotting fake dominants. I list all the traits you need to know to better your overall BDSM dating experience.

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The Most Popular Sexual Fetishes Worth Exploring

A sexual fetish is a sexual desire, or preference, that exists outside the realms of normal sex. It’s more than just a turn-on. Whereas a turn-on maybe someone lightly kissing your chest, a sexual fetish is someone clawing it. I guess that’s the easiest way to illustrate the difference. A fetish, or kink, is more active, more defined, and bolder.

Most people desire some sort of sexual fetish. But also, many of those people keep their fetishes to themselves, not even telling their husbands or wives.

But those who do choose to explore sexual fetishes sometimes end up in the world of BDSM dating. Not always, and not mostly, but definitely sometimes.

Let’s look at some of the most popular sexual fetishes.

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