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The Benefits of BDSM Explained

The Benefits of BDSM Explained

The way BDSM is portrayed in mainstream culture, you’d have a difficult time convincing many people that BDSM is good for them. But the fact is, in a healthy, safe environment, BDSM can help people overcome traumas and live a healthier life. Take the recent news that TV star Annalynne McCord partook in BDSM with … Continue reading “The Benefits of BDSM Explained”

AnnaLynne McCord Says BDSM Helped Her Overcome Past Traumas

AnnaLynne McCord Says BDSM Helped Her Overcome Past Traumas

AnnaLynne McCord is speaking out on the benefits of BDSM in a new interview. She says that her BDSM dating relationship with “Prison Break” star Dominic Purcell helped her come to terms with past sexual traumas.

New Survey: Over 60% of BDSM Participants Have Cheated on Partners

New Survey: Over 60% of BDSM Participants Have Cheated on Partners

Talking about BDSM with a committed partner probably feels awkward and embarrassing to most people. While BDSM desires and fantasies are typical, talking about them out loud remains a taboo subject. And that’s just one reason why people tend to cheat on significant others with a BDSM partner. So why is BDSM cheating so rampant?

How To Find Your BDSM Fantasy Partner

How To Find Your BDSM Fantasy Partner

Finding the right partner in BDSM dating is critical. Not to marginalize traditional dating, but BDSM is not an area you want mishaps or miscommunications. Finding the right BDSM synergy and connection is essential in exploring your darker sexual side. And by “darker,” we of course mean, “exciting and fun.” Its the key to discovering … Continue reading “How To Find Your BDSM Fantasy Partner”

7 Essential BDSM Facts All Newbies Need To Know

7 Essential BDSM Facts All Newbies Need To Know

BDSM is more popular than ever. One of the major drivers of that popularity is the success of the hit film, Fifty Shades of Grey. Mostly, the BDSM community frowns upon that movie, but that doesn’t make it any less influential. Unfortunately, that influence has led to a lot of confusion about what BDSM really … Continue reading “7 Essential BDSM Facts All Newbies Need To Know”

Sissification: Everything To Know About The Feminization Of Men

Sissification: Everything To Know About The Feminization Of Men

If you believe Old Spice and Ford truck commercials, you’ll have a difficult time with one of the most explored BDSM plays, sissification. Sissification allows a man to experience his own feminization. Of course, the old school man may be shivering in his shoes at the mere idea of sissification as a topic. That said, … Continue reading “Sissification: Everything To Know About The Feminization Of Men”


You can’t find a BDSM hookup on your big box dating sites. Let’s be honest, bondage sex dating isn’t mainstream acceptable stuff. For BDSM adult singles, you need a an environment that supports your needs. At Free BDSM Dating, we connect BDSM adult singles with one another so you never have to worry.

At Free BDSM Dating, our goal is to provide you with connections to people who enjoy the same things you do. Just like any other dating site, but you know, a big more extreme in nature. Enjoy a BDSM dating experience that empowers you to keep your privacy and promotes a safe sex experience.

Here’s some frequently asked questions:

Are Dominatrix Dating Options Provided?

Absolutely! You can sign up as a sub and meet dominatrix providers in your area. But you can also sign up as a dominatrix looking for a sub.

What If I’m New To BDSM sex dating?

That’s OK. There is nothing wrong with being new. Everyone’s had their first time with bondage sex dating. But it’s important to not fly blind. Do your research, which includes reading our BDSM guides linked below. Educate yourself on the matter and then decide if a BDSM dating experience is right for you.

How Do BDSM Hookups Go?

With BDSM dating, the experience is typically planned out prior to meeting. You and your BDSM single decide what you both want out of the experience and craft things from there. For example, you should always use safe words that call for a stop in the action. You should understand exactly what one another wants out of the experience and not overstep in any fashion. Consent is everything.


Quickly connect with BDSM singles, Femdoms, and Dominatrixes through sophisticated and discreet BDSM chat. You can use our BDSM chat service to help vet potential partners, or instigate or maintain a BDSM relationship. Both Femdoms and Dominatrixes sometimes use BDSM chat to make sure their submissives are following orders.